Message From The NSPAA Board


Message From The NSPAA Board

The National Sponsored Programs Administrators Alliance (NSPAA) of HBCUs, Incorporated was established in December 1993 with the purpose to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of sponsored programs at HBCUs. Today, NSPAA’s primary focus is to promote the development and implementation of effective policies, procedures, and practices related to the administration of sponsored programs and research; foster the establishment of sponsored programs and research offices, and improve communication between university officials, sponsored programs administrators, principal investigators, project personnel, and funding agency representatives. Hence, NSPAA provides a myriad of technical assistance workshops created to form a collaborative sponsored programs and research community among HBCUs. Our intensive technical assistance workshops are designed to address the particular needs facing HBCUs. NSPAA’s synergy targets HBCUs to lend support in gaining a competitive edge. The HBCU community can count on NSPAA to work year-round to support their sponsored programs and research efforts.

In 2018, NSPAA will celebrate its 25th anniversary. It will be 25 years that NSPAA has been forward-thinking and helping to shape the future of sponsored programs and research at HBCUs. To celebrate this milestone, a 25th Anniversary Banquet will be held to commemorate NSPAA’s prolific past and exciting future.  You do not want to miss being a part of history; come join us. Sign up today to become a NSPAA member at

NSPAA’s new President, Mrs. Linda R. Jackson, Sponsored Programs/Research Administrator at Virginia Union University will lead and continue its commitment of sharing information among members that encourages best practices, technical assistance
training, grant/contract procurement, and other opportunities. Mrs. Jackson is excited about the challenge to lead NSPAA; her goals are to design a successful 2018 Annual Technical Assistance Workshop; increase membership; broaden University presidents, government agencies, and other stakeholders’ presence at the technical assistance workshops; strengthen the number of sponsorships, and provide a myriad of communication platforms for its members.

Join us on our new Facebook page at your sponsored programs and research experiences with us.  Further, if you have any questions and/or wish to share information, e-mail us at  NSPAA wants you to stay connected to learn about the most current sponsored programs and research issues for the 21st Century. Check your e-mail and visit our website periodically; we will be posting news, employment opportunities, training
PowerPoints, best practices tips, and much more.

NSPAA leading the way to helping HBCUs gain a competitive edge

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Linda R. Jackson

Linda R. Jackson,