The President

 The National Sponsored Programs Administrators Alliance (NSPAA) of HBCUs, Incorporated was established in December 1993 with the mission to aid Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the efficiency and effectiveness of sponsored program administration.  The organization provides technical assistant workshops, conferences, training and service activities, which have formed a collaborative sponsored research community of HBCUs that address and share particular
needs facing HBCUs. A main goal of NSPAA is to gain visibility and broaden its membership base within the HBCU sponsored research community.
Mr. Elbert R. Malone, Associate Provost for Sponsored Programs and Research at South Carolina State University, has been named as President to lead the organization and continue its commitment of
sharing information among members that encourages best practices, upcoming research initiatives,
along with professional development opportunities. Mr. Malone is excited about the challenge to lead
NSPAA, his first goal is to design a successful 2013 Annual Conference. At this conference, members
along with government agencies and other stakeholders will be invited to present and share their
ideas that will allow HBCUs to remain competitive among peers in the sponsored program arena.
Government agencies will present the most current information on funding and research opportunities
as well as technical assistance for preparing grant applications.
NSPAA is an enthusiastic organization, which recognizes the vital role that research administrators play
in helping institutions of higher education secure external funding by providing guidance and
assistance to faculty and staff on current and upcoming opportunities. Membership is open to all
individuals at HBCUs and new members are always welcomed.